June, 18 2024

Saving on Wildberries with IDBank

shopping at Wildberries is now more profitable if you pay with IDBank cards

June, 17 2024

3rd tranche of dollar bonds of 2024

On May 13, 2024, IDBank placed registered coupon bonds under the identification number of securities - AMANLBB2QER7 through a public offering on the following terms

June, 14 2024

Discounts and privileges with IDBank Visa cards

When paying with IDBank premium cards, get discounts and privileges at a number of outlets. The offers are valid until December 31 of this year inclusive.

June, 14 2024

30% off at KFC with IDBank Mastercard

place orders from KFC through the Glovo app, pay with your IDBank Mastercard and get 30% cashback

June, 11 2024

"The Power of One Dram" is 4 Years Old

2020 In June, the exclusive joint corporate social responsibility initiative of Idram and IDBank "The Power of One Dram" was launched, which over the past years has supported more than 40 projects of strategic importance for our country, be it in the health, social, environmental or educational fields.

June, 11 2024

idcoin: New tool in IDBank’s loyalty system

IDBank announces the launch of idcoin, a new tool in the customer loyalty system. Clients now have the opportunity to get new loyalty points, which will be reflected both in the Idram&IDBank application and on the idplus partner loyalty platform.

June, 4 2024

IDBank has joined Green Challenge

IDBank has joined Dalma Garden Mall’s Green Challenge to support the Caucasian red deer reintroduction project.

May, 31 2024

Carpisa gift card from IDBank

Do you want to receive a digital gift card from IDBank for the payments you will make during the summer? Let's see what you need to do for that.

May, 17 2024

Rocket Line - now for 60 months

What if we tell you that Rocket Line is now for longer period than you expected? Yes, we do everything possible so that you have the most comfortable conditions for your daily payments.

May, 15 2024

IDBank issues the 2nd tranche of dollar bonds

On May 13, 2024, IDBank placed registered coupon bonds under the abbreviation AMANLBB2PER9 through a public offering on the following terms:

May, 15 2024

“By Your Side”: IDBank's new support program

IDBank is launching a long-term social support program for forcibly displaced Artsakh residents. This time, the program includes about 150 minor children from 42 families forcibly displaced from Artsakh.

April, 19 2024

Up to 10% cashback from GetTransfer

Starting from April 1, 2024, IDBank clients who make their booking on the GetTransfer online platform and mobile application and pay with IDBank cards will receive an exclusive cashback.

April, 12 2024

International transfers from card to card

If you are an IDBank Visa card holder, you can already transfer money to international VISA cards through the VISA Direct service.

April, 5 2024

Declaration of Women's Empowerment Principles

On April 4, IDBank and Idram signed the Joint Declaration on the Women's Empowerment Principles, among other organizations that have joined the UNDP initiative.

April, 3 2024

Comfortable discounts while traveling by gg

Now you have the opportunity to make your trip more beautiful with gg discounts.

March, 28 2024

5 000 dram Bonus from IDBank

IDBank joins the pension cashback program, within the framework of which 10% is returned as cashback for non-cash payments made by the pensioners.

March, 6 2024

Half price for everyone

Half Price for Everyone and up to AMD 15.000 Welcome Bonus for New Customers

March, 1 2024

New promocode for Ria Money Transfers

Ria Money Transfer is running the promo code RIA25AM from 01.02.2024 to 31.05.2024. for transfers from Armenia to Ukraine.

February, 23 2024

Privileges with the Business Prime package

Business issues of any size and type have a single solution, and that is IDBank's Business Prime complex package with complete tools.

February, 14 2024

Easy traveling with Visa Premium Cards

Journeys will become smoother and easier with IDBank Visa Premium Cards.

February, 8 2024

Visa Travel card - your best friend of the road

Today, traveling does not depend on the weather. You can enjoy the pleasure of traveling the world at any time of the year, and now you can also plan your vacation for the whole year by buying tickets and booking hotels in advance saving huge amounts of money and getting cashbacks.

January, 23 2024

Davtashen branch is waiting for You

IDBank’s Davtashen branch is waiting for customers after renovation

December, 27 2023

For the children of Artsakh

Every year, Idram and IDBank teams prepare gifts and become "Secret Santa" for children in need.

December, 22 2023

ID booth at the Big Christmas Market

This time, the biggest New Year's event of the year will become a fairytale thanks to the ID booth - innovative financial solutions and big draws.

December, 4 2023

Pleasant news for Visa card holders

From now on, when paying with Visa premium cards, get even more pleasant privileges.

December, 1 2023

Purchases are beneficial with Visa and Carpisa

IDBank cardholders can use 5% cashback at Carpisa for one year from December 1.

November, 21 2023

IDBank issues the 3th tranche of dollar bonds

On November 20, 2023, IDBank placed registered coupon bonds under the abbreviation AMANLBB2NER4 through a public offering on the following terms:

November, 10 2023

Black Friday from IDBank

On the eve of Black Friday, from November 10 to December 1 inclusive, order Visa Digital, Visa Gold, Travel, Visa Platinum, Mastercard Standard cards from IDBank and receive a 50% discount.

November, 2 2023

IDBank and Idram within ID Group Holding

Idram and IDBank consolidated within ID Group Armenian holding, which currently controls 100% of the shares of Idram and IDBank.

October, 31 2023

Exclusive premium card from IDBank

For premium class cardholders, IDBank has issued the first metal vertical card in Armenia, Visa Infinite Special Edition.

October, 20 2023

New privileges with IDBank Visa cards

With premium Visa cards from IDBank you can get new privileges!

October, 2 2023

“Compatriot”: a privileged package

“Compatriot”: a privileged package of services from IDBank for the Armenians of Artsakh

September, 26 2023

IDream - for Artsakh

IDream - special for our youth forcibly displaced from Artsakh.

September, 8 2023

IDBank placed $5 million tranche

On July 24, 2023, IDBank issued a USD tranche of registered coupon bonds under the abbreviation AMANLBB2LER8, which were already placed.

September, 8 2023

SoftPOS application from IDBank - your sales tool

Your business - our solutions: SoftPOS application from IDBank - your sales tool. If you have a small or mobile business, the SoftPOS application from IDBank is what you need.

August, 3 2023

The bank issues 2nd tranche of dollar bonds

IDBank bonds can also be purchased online. The bank issues 2nd tranche of dollar bonds

July, 31 2023

IDBank Premier League

The Premier League of Armenia starts on July 29, within which the Football Federation of Armenia and IDBank will cooperate in a new format.

July, 25 2023

Have a nice trip with Visa IDBank cards!

When traveling around the country and abroad, pay with Visa premium cards from IDBank and get a number of nice benefits․

July, 21 2023

IDBank will issue dollar bonds

On July 24 of this year, IDBank will issue a dollar tranche of registered coupon bonds under the abbreviation AMANLBB2LER8․

July, 4 2023

Travel with profit

Before starting summer adventures, in addition to a few things to do, you will also need to pack your suitcase, and your best friend during your travels will be the Visa Travel card from IDBank.

July, 3 2023

Salary cards on more favorable terms

As early as July 1, in the frames of the IDsalary package from IDBank, customers will have an opportunity to cash out free of charge not only at IDBank ATMs, but also at ArCa system banks.

May, 31 2023

Visa Platinum business card

IDBank's Visa Business Platinum card now with more profitable terms

May, 25 2023

BANK DEPOSIT with discounted tariff

Money transfers to Ukraine through the BANK DEPOSIT service are now even more profitable.

May, 5 2023

Rocket Line digital credit with longer term

From now on, IDBank's Rocket Line digital installment will be available for a longer period. IDBank informs that the period of the digital installment will depend on the amount of its amount.

April, 28 2023

IDBank at Career City Fest 2023

IDBank participates in "The Future Is Under Construction" Career City Fest 2023

March, 31 2023

IDBank at Toon Expo 2023

The Shortest Path to Your New Home. IDBank at Toon Expo 2023

March, 10 2023

IDBank - participant of DigiTec Expo

From March 10 to March 12, IDBank takes part in the DigiTec Expo exhibition, presenting its products in a joint booth with Idram.

March, 10 2023

The big game is just beginning.

IDBank, the leader in digital banking in Armenia, is now the main sponsor of the Football Federation of Armenia.

March, 9 2023

New Travel Card Draw

New Travel Card Draw Special for Digitec participants

March, 6 2023

Pleasant surprises for payment with Apple Pay

Pay with IDBank Visa cards through Apple Pay and win a trip to Bali or other valuable gifts.

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