Dear customers,

Recently, cases have become frequent, when unknown people contact our customers under the name of IDBank and Idram by phone, via personal messages, Facebook messenger and other channels, and using different pretexts such as helping to get a loan, assisting in getting a prize, helping the users, etc., extort personal data - passport and social card number, Idram password or PIN-code.

Please be informed, that the Bank or Idram, when contacting with the customers by phone, require identification documents only in cases, known to the customer, and only from official phone numbers. Identification requirement usually occurs, when the customer contacts the Bank or Idram on his own initiative to get a service.

We ask and urge you to be vigilant and not provide your personal data to strangers and even familiar people. Please be informed, that you can get detailed and reliable information about Bank and Idram products or promotions of the companies on the official websites of the companies or official pages in social networks, as well as from the Call-center.

Maintain your information and financial security!
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Information updated 30.09.2022 04:46
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