Dear clients,

Fraud cases have become frequent recently. Unknown people enter people’s apartments by presenting themselves as charitable organization workers, take their mobile telephone, fill in all the necessary details, even take picture of the person, apply for a loan on behalf of them and transfer the money to their own accounts.

Considering the fact that the mobile telephone is an important object for storing your personal information, please don’t give your phone to other people, don’t let them make any transaction and moreover, don’t provide them with your personal details in order to avoid fraud.

Please avoid intermediaries offering you loans via social networks or other means, especially when they ask you to provide your Idram application password and PIN code.

To ensure your own financial security, please:

1.      Don’t let anyone to make transfers from your Idram wallet, bank card or online/mobile banking account on your behalf, even if you know the person.

2.      Don’t provide anyone with your username and password of your bank card, mobile banking application or website.

3.      Don’t provide the number, copy or photo of your passport, bank card details or other secret information to unknown websites.

4.      Before making a transfer, please check well all the details, even if they write to you from your friend’s or relative’s account.

In cases of fraud please contact the Bank by telephone: 010 59 33 33.

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