IDBank implements the next issue of nominal coupon bonds

On February 25, 2022, IDBank, through a public offer, releases the first tranche of nominal coupon bonds, with the following conditions: 

  • Volume – 1 500 000 000 AMD
  • Quantity – 150 000
  • Nominal value – 10 000 AMD
  • Maturity - 27 months
  • Annual coupon interest - 9.25%
  • Date of delivery - May 25, 2024
  • Coupons should be paid quarterly. 

Nominal coupon bonds under the abbreviation AMANLBB2GER8 will be placed on February 25, 2022 to May 18, 2022 inclusive.

By filling the form and present it to the Bank, you can get AMD bonds, the complete information about (abbreviations, value, quantity, annual coupon yield, coupon payment day or bond redemption day) will be reflected in the "Bonds" section of the "Banking" section of Idram&IDBank application.

The electronic version of the prospectus and the final terms of issue are available by the following link.

The bond prospectus was registered by the CBA, resolution № 1/392А of the Chairman of the CBA from July 23, 2021. Resolution № 1/392А.The electronic version of the prospectus and the final terms of issue are available on the official website of the Bank.

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