AMD 3,389,788 for the project to reveal the professional potential of war participants

   The Power of One Dram will be directed to the treatment of children with epilepsy in May. Beneficiary "Path of Life" NGO provides children with epilepsy with diagnosis, medication and necessary treatment.

   According to the director of Idram Arsene Kdenian, children are always in the center of attention of Idram and IDBank. “We regularly pay attention not only to children's educational programs, but also actively support foundations that deal with children's health. Since the launch of The Power of One Dram program, we have allocated more than 48 million drams for this direction, because we are doing everything possible to have healthy children, a healthy society and a healthy future,” said Arsene Kdenian.

   According to the director of the "Road of Life" public organization Elena Baghdasaryan, the funds of The Power of One Dram initiative in May will be used to treat children with epilepsy and other complex nervous diseases and to provide them with the necessary diagnostic tests (MRI, EEG, PET-CT ) and modern medicines. “Thanks to this invaluable support, our foundation also got the opportunity to implement long-awaited projects and planned events,” said Elena Baghdasaryan.

  The amount of AMD 3,389,788 for April was directed to the program to reveal the professional potential of war participants, which helps military personnel who were injured during the war, living in the regions of Armenia, to obtain the necessary knowledge and use them in order to make their dreams come true.

  The Power of One Dram continues operating. Each user who pays using the Idram&IDBank application,, Internet platforms and terminals of both companies becomes a goodwill ambassador without spending a single AMD. Companies believe that every payment is an investment in a good cause. If you want to know how much your investment is worth, just log in to the Idram&IDBank application, tap on “More” section, The Power of One Dram subsection.



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