IDBank and Idram announce the expansion of strategic partnership and offer a revolutionary digital tool in non-touch and online shopping field

Considering the efficiency of the partnership between IDBank and Idram, the companies announce the expansion of strategic partnership and offer joint digital new services to a wide range of users.

During today’s online presentation, the companies have presented “Rocket Line”, the innovative digital product.

“Today, with great pleasure, we present the new fruit of cooperation, Rocket Line. It is a digital tool in non-touch and online shopping field, which is a novelty in the Armenian market”, said Karen Nalbandyan, IDBank Business development director. According to him, Rocket Line can be called a revolutionary digital loan but more convenient and complete than we could imagine previously.

Grigori Yolyan, Idram Commercial director mentioned, that Rocket Line offers full payment freedom to the clients. “If the loan we all know restricts the list of stores where we could buy goods with credit, Rocket Line provides a wide choice: it works everywhere, where payment through Idram is possible: when using more than 300 services, paying via QR and NFC in more than 3000 points of sale and more than 300 online shops where payment through Idram is integrated.

At the presentation Rocket Line advantages were introduced:

-          Pre-established limit for the clients of both the Bank and Idram with possibility of increasing the limit,

-          There is no mandatory repayment schedule: the client gets a flexible tool for managing his financial means: it can be repaid when convenient, during 3 or 6 months as chosen,

-          We can pay with Rocket Line for everyday shopping, for such goods that could never be bought by credit before: paying the utilities, closing the bill at the café or shopping at supermarket.

-          Works both on application and web version,

-          The process is fast, doesn’t require additional documents from buyer or seller: everything is online and fast,

-          Easy to use: to pay through Idram or web version you just need to choose “pay after 3 months” or “pay after 6 months”.

While introducing product features, Tatevik Hovhannisyan, the head of Marketing department of the Bank mentioned, that Rocket Line gives an opportunity to Idram and IDBank customers to have personal limit (reserve amount) from IDBank in Idram application and on online platform without any effort. “The minimal pre-established limit is AMD 10.000, at the Bank they call it a welcome limit and it is automatically given to the clients who have premium plus status of Idram. Personal limit can be used starting from AMD 3000 for shopping and payments, fully or partially”.

If you are not a client of IDBank, you can use the limit just by passing remote identification in Idram mobile app and becoming a Bank customer. There is also an opportunity to raise the limit: with a few steps in Idram app or on platform, you can just press the button, apply to the Bank and in a few seconds get a personal limit of up to AMD 10 million, in accordance with your credit history and credibility.

Presentation participants mentioned that you can get the personal limit of Rocket Line with a few simple steps, the amount given to the user and the used amount will be visible in Idram app and on platform, the repayment is as simple as getting the limit: everything is online, fast and convenient.

At the end of the presentation, the employees of the Bank and Idram tested the product.

You can read more about Rocket Line here.


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