Your shopping is now more profitable with IDBank and Idram

IDBank and Idram have launched a new joint promotion: from now on, by making QR/NFC non-touch payments via Idram application for shopping and services, you can receive a cashback of 5% of the transactions.

In the period from September 16 to November 16, make 8 and more QR/NFC payments monthly, choose your IDBank account, card or Rocket line limit as a payment method and receive a cashback of 5% of the amount of your payments.

The cashback is credited to the account/card of the client from which the payment was made, and for Rocket line to the AMD card of the client, and in case of not having a card the cashback is credited to the current AMD account.

IDBank and Idram continue to encourage the non-touch payments: they are convenient, safe and innovative. It is possible to make QR/NFC payments via Idram at more than 3300 points of sale, including supermarkets, at almost all pharmacy and delivery chains and points of sale of food and essentials.

If you are an IDBank client and don’t have Idram, download the application and synchronize your accounts to take advantage of the promotion.

If you still don’t have an IDBank card or account, then you can pass a remote identification via Idram application and order any of IDBank cards online.

You can get acquainted with all the details of the promotion here.

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