Dear customers,

To prevent fraud, to ensure your financial security, we would like to inform you that IDBank does not cooperate with intermediary companies or individuals in providing any type of loan.

Information on the types of loans, interest rates and other basic terms is published on the Bank's official website, additional information, terms on advertising campaigns can be found on the official pages of the Bank's social networks. Please follow the rules listed below when making any financial transactions, especially when applying for a loan:

1.     For security reasons, please never, under any circumstances, give your phone to other persons, do not give access to your personal confidential information, such as password, passport or ID card number.

2.     When making offline transactions, be sure to check the branch addresses on the Bank's official website. Apart from the branches mentioned here, the Bank has no representative offices in other places, there are no representative individuals who can provide loans on behalf of the Bank.

3.     The amount of the commission charged by IDBank from the credit amount through the Idram&IDBank application will also be indicated on the Bank's official website. Counterfeiters, usually with your permission, applying to the Bank on your behalf, receive the amount of credit that you would have received if you had applied to the Bank in person․ Instead, intermediaries charge a huge commission for allegedly providing a service, leaving a heavy credit burden on the client.

In case of suspicious incidents, please contact the Bank to find out if you are dealing with real employees of the Bank. If you have any questions, you can contact us at 060 27 33 33, 010 59 33 33, 012 33 33 33, write to the Bank's online support center or the official pages on social networks.

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