“Build your career with IDBank”, 3rd stage
IDBank announced the launch of the 3rd stage of the program “Build your career with IDBank”. As a result of the project, launched in 2019 and conducted twice, about 25 students have started their careers with IDBank. “Taking into consideration that educational programs are one of the most important areas of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Bank, as well as the success of the first and second stages of the program in 2019 and the great interest among students, IDBank will continue to invest in education this year either, providing job opportunities to students with no work experience”, said the Head of HRM department of the Bank, Sona Manucharyan. The program will give opportunity to students with no work experience to spend three months at the Bank, full of theoretical and practical courses and many of them will get job offers. The training course of 3 months, will start in March and will be conducted at individual and group level by department and division heads and will cover key topics related to the banking sector. Students will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in the second part of the program in the branches of the Bank and in the headquarter. Those students with no work experience, who have shown their best at the end of the courses will be fully prepared to work at the Bank, joining IDBank's innovative team. IDBank's educational programs will have continuation and not only the students will be targeted but also wider public, including activities directed to the improvement of the financial literacy.
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Information updated 10.03.2022 09:08
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