IDBank issues new tranche of bonds
The subsequent tranche of bonds will be issued on February 20, at the volume of USD 5 million. The maturity of the first issue of bonds of 2019 is 2 years, 6 months, annual coupon interest rate is 5.25%, which should be paid quarterly․ As Ruben Melikyan, the Deputy Chairman of the Board, Financial director of the Bank said, the bonds of IDBank have great demand, and customers usually are expecting the issue of each next tranche. “In December 2018 the Bank announced redemption of the 1st tranche, while in the beginning of the year the bonds of the 6th issue has been successfully listed in the Armenian Stock exchange. Up to date the Bank has issued 6 tranches of nominal coupon bonds in USD and AMD, with total volume of USD 25 million and AMD 1 billion. IDBank goes on with the active involvement into the Armenian bond market, enabling the customers to get more income and diversify their investments”, - Ruben Melikyan said. The bonds will be listed in the Stock Exchange of Armenia and quoted by the Marketmaker. IDBank nominal coupon bonds can be purchased from 20.02.2019 till 15.05.2019, at any branch of the Bank. The funds attracted by means of nominal bonds are considered to be guaranteed bank deposits and are guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund of Armenia. The Bond prospectus was registered by the CBA, resolution N 1/93A of the Chairman of the CBA. The electronic version of the prospectus is available on the official website of the Bank at
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