Welcome to new banking culture
IDBank has opened its flagman branch, which is a unique one in its type in the whole region. In this place you will find a number of services that customers often have to look for in different locations. From now on, at the branch located in the heart of Yerevan, you can make transactions, enjoy Privilege banking services, get services for legal entities in a special separated zone, enjoy delicious coffee or have delicious food in the Espress It café and work at idworking, if needed. “We are creating a new banking culture: This is the message of our today's event. At IDBank's new “Centre” branch, we've tried to combine everything our customers need. In our opinion, this is what modern banking implies: provide the customers the best terms for service, activity and fun. We have made it through with our partners and we intend to further improve the services offered at this center”, said the Chairman of the Management Board, Mher Abrahamyan. “We have created customer-targeted style, concept, which symbolizes the new banking culture: everything around and for customers. For sure, banking services alone do not meet the needs of modern people; that is why we and our partners created a center that meets the rhythm and requirements of modern life, where our customers spend the least amount of time getting the most out of their services: access to banking services, the same time organizing their breaks in the cafe, or working in idworking space, having the opportunity to use the services of other partners without wasting time on traffic jams. In one word, we are creating an eco-system, which will enable our customers to take advantage of the different services in a more simple, fast and effective way. This is what makes this centre unique in its type. By the way, everything is better than we have expected, and the fact that there is no such centre in the whole region, makes us happier”, says Karen Nalbandyan, the Bank's Business Development Director. The innovative branch with modern design on the first floor operates from 9:15 to 22:00, satisfing the needs of many customers. Attached to the branch, the partners of the Bank are providing additional services: at Espress It café from Coffeshop company, the customers can combine the important things with the pleasant ones. On the -1 floor of the building, coworking space will operate, where, besides a unique design and pleasant environment, all the conditions are created for effective work. From now on, in the “Kentron” branch at Northern Avenue 6, separated zones will be available for Privilege Banking customers and for legal entities. From now on, privilege banking will be available also for those customers, who will obtain a new card for the Armenian market, Visa Signature, the presentation of which also took place during the opening ceremony with participation of Christina Doros, Head of the Caucasus Region of Visa international system. The “Centre” branch operates from Monday to Friday from 09:15 to 22:00, on Saturdays from 10:00 to 16:00, idworking will operate daily from 10:00 to 2:00, satisfying the needs of many customers. Espress It café is ready to serve its customers 24 hours a day. THE BANK IS CONTROLLED BY THE CBA
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