May, 6 2022

Mastercard & Qatar Airways. 12% discount

Pay with your IDBank Mastercard and enjoy up to 12% discount on Qatar Airways flights to: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Pakistan, Armenia, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

May, 3 2022

Glovo & Visa։ 1500 AMD cashback

Make an order of at least 4000 AMD on Glovo pay via an IDBank Visa card, and get 1500 AMD on your Glovo account.

April, 20 2022

25% discount on all transfers from Armenia

From April 20 to June 30, you will receive a 25% discount from commission fee

March, 15 2022

Transfers for 0%

Fora-Bank continues the “Transfers for 0%” promotion, under the terms of which, until May 31, 2022, “MIG” transfers to Armenia will be commission-free in the “Fora-Online” mobile application.

March, 9 2022

Festive surprise from Idram and IDBank

Idram and IDBank have prepared some surprises on the occasion of women's month.

March, 1 2022

0% commission for transfers to Ukraine

Till 10 of March all the transfers to Ukraine via Ria Money Transfer system will be done with 0% commission.

February, 23 2022

IDpay. The fastest and beneficial transfers from Russia to Armenia - to any Armenian bank card

It is already possible to transfer money from Russia to any Armenian bank card using the IDpay application.

February, 4 2022

FIFA 2022 with Visa

You can be among the first to get FIFA 2022 tickets. If you have an IDBank Visa card, use this unique opportunity for football fans.

January, 17 2022

Save with Visa and Qatar Airways

Travel and save with Visa and Qatar Airways

December, 23 2021

Get 10% discount paying for Yandex rides via IDBank Mastercard

From now on, trips are more beneficial with Mastercard.

December, 6 2021

Informed means protected

In order to ensure your information and financial security, special subdivisions are operating in the Banks and payment systems, and huge investments are being made

November, 19 2021

Give yourself a treat: Rocket Line

Give yourself a treat: Rocket Line

November, 18 2021

“The Power of One Dram” to “Teach for Armenia” Educational Foundation

IDBank and Idram’s initiative, “The Power of One Dram”, has concluded its’ 6th program and transferred 8.057.944 AMD to the Health Fund for Children of Armenia

November, 18 2021

Changes have been made to the interest rates of IDBank's deposits

Please be informed that changes have been made to the interest rates of IDBank's deposits.

October, 28 2021

At DigiTec, IDBank and Idram will surprise you with their booth and innovative approaches

The largest and most anticipated event in the field of information technology - DigiTec 2021 - will take place at the Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concert Complex on October 29-31. Armenian leading fintech company Idram and the most innovative IDBank will also take part in the annual international technology exhibition.

October, 25 2021

From student to employee : IDBank sums up the IDream program and announces the launch of the next phase

IDBank has summed up the next phase of IDream initiative. During the final event of the project, the participants were awarded certificates on the successful completion of the project.

September, 8 2021

IDBank prematurely finished the placement of the second tranche of bonds of 2021

IDBank prematurely finished the placement of the second tranche of dollar bonds under the abbreviation AMANLBB2DER5.

August, 20 2021

IDBank issues another tranche of dollar bonds

On August 20 of this year, IDBank, through a public offer, issued another tranche of nominal coupon bonds under the abbreviation AMANLBB2DER5.

August, 13 2021

IDream Online. the start of your career

IDBank announces the next educational program: IDream Online.

August, 9 2021

YSU with financial support of IDBank announces Scholarship Competition after Gevorg Arshakyan

Yerevan State University with the financial support of IDBank announces a competition for the assignment of scholarships after Gevorg Arshakyan

July, 27 2021

Gifts from Yerevan Mall for IDBank Visa cardholders

Do you want to win TV, smartphone and other gifts? Visa cards of IDBank give you this opportunity.

July, 13 2021

IDBank's Visa Digital card: another key to online and contactless payments

IDBank, purposefully continuing the active development of digital banking culture, launched the Visa Digital card.

July, 9 2021

IDBank joined the fulfillment of children's dreams

On June 4-6, within the framework of the “Bigidream” project of “The Armenian exists” public organization, a children's educational, entertaining, competitive music festival was held, which brought together smart, strong, creative children from Artsakh and Armenia. By filling out the relevant application and sharing it on social networks, children participate in the competition and present their dreams.

July, 1 2021

IDBank’s new offer for business

IDBank offers business loans in AMD with profitable conditions in the frames of cooperation with the EIB - European Investment Bank.

June, 29 2021

Profitable offer from IDBank for premium class Visa cardholders

Pay for gg rides via IDBank’s premium cards - Visa Gold, Visa Platinum, Visa Signature and Visa Infinite and get a 30% discount.

June, 15 2021

Free delivery from when paying via IDBank VISA card

Order delivery from, pay via IDBank Visa cards and get free delivery!

June, 11 2021

Let’s weave kindness: The “Power of one dram” initiative is one year old.

There were two charitable events at the Armenia Marriott Hotel: IDBank transferred AMD 1 million to the joint initiative "Weave for..." of the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen and the company "Megerian Carpet", and the next beneficiary of the "Power of One Dram" was announced.

June, 2 2021

On June 1, events were held with the financing of IDBank

On June 1, IDBank presented a holiday to children of the border villages of Artsakh.

May, 31 2021

Privilege Banking: IDBank's offer for the premium services fans

A few days ago, the IDBank “Center” branch hosted the AmCham Be My Guest event.

May, 10 2021

10% cashback with IDBank Visa cards on the occasion of Family day

Starting from May 14 to 18 inclusive, make payments with IDBank Visa cards at the following points of sale and services and get a 10% cashback:

May, 4 2021

Transfers are more profitable with Visa

Receive a transfer from any Visa card from abroad on your Visa card and get one-time cashback in amount of AMD 1000.

April, 28 2021

IDpay: transfers from Armenia to Russia and vice versa

It is already possible to get transfers from Armenia via IDpay application, and the transfers from Russia have been improved and are unprecedentedly profitable now. For both cases it is necessary to know only the phone number of the recipient.

April, 15 2021

More profitable money transfers via Ria Money

When making RIA money transfer to Georgia through the digital channels of the Bank of Georgia (mobile and internet banking), the recipient gets a cashback of 30 GEL.

April, 12 2021

Get now, pay later, now the same price

From now on it is possible to purchase goods and services with 0% commission fee via Rocket Line digital loan of IDBank and Idram: at more than 250 points of sale you can buy now, pay later not a penny more. The actual interest rate is 0%.

April, 5 2021

IDBank offers the most flexible and profitable conditions for mortgage borrowers

Interview with Arthur Kocharyan, the head of Sales division of IDBank.

March, 30 2021

The new opportunity of IDBank’s VISA cards

Shop for the minimum of $3 and get advantage of this profitable spring offer!

March, 25 2021

Get new advantages with Mastercard

From now on, pay non-cash when using Yandex Go Armenia services and get 10% discount for each ride. 

March, 17 2021

IDream: new program for students by IDBank

Make your dream come true, take part in IDream program, gain theoretical and practical knowledge in banking field with a perspective of joining our team in the future.

March, 5 2021

8 days, 8% cashback with Visa cards of IDBank at “Mary” stores chain

On the occasion of the women’s days, starting from March 5 until 12 included, make payments with Visa cards of IDBank when shopping at “Mary” perfume stores chain and get 8% cashback.

March, 5 2021

IDBank asks its clients who have taken part in the hostilities to contact the Bank before March 31

IDBank asks its clients who have taken part in the hostilities to contact the Bank before March 31 and present an application and a reference from the military registration on taking part in the hostilities in case the documents were not presented before.

February, 24 2021

Electronic tips: Idram and IDBank continue developing the customer’s digital experience

Non-cash and contactless payments have reached a stable place in our lives.

February, 17 2021

No cash: new campaign of Idram and IDBank against cash

Idram, the leader of e-money in Armenia, together with IDBank, which continuously introduces innovative digital products to the market, declare war against cash by reminding about the relevance and advantages of non-touch and online payments.

February, 16 2021

IDsalary and IDsalary+. You choose from where to receive your salary.

IDBank launches new salary packages․

February, 15 2021

Two Fiat 500 cars from IDBank and Idram

IDBank and Idram raffle two Fiat 500 cars starting from February 12 until May 31 inclusive.

February, 4 2021

IDBank prematurely finished the placement of the first tranche of bonds in 2021

The placement of USD bonds under abbreviation AMANLBB2CER7 through a public offer was finished earlier than planned.

January, 22 2021

IDBank is placing the first USD bonds of 2021 through a public offer

On January 22 of this year, IDBank will issue bonds under the abbreviation AMANLBB2CER7.

December, 25 2020

IDBank got VISA’s “Breakthrough of the Year” award

IDBank got the “Breakthrough of the Year” award during VISA’s NY annual event.

December, 25 2020

IDBank joins World Vision’s Secret Santa Campaign

IDBank employees and those who wish have an opportunity to become a “Secret Santa” for the children who moved to Armenia from Nagorno-Karabakh.

December, 18 2020

New Year with a new iPhone: IDBank and Idram draw lots

Starting from December 18 until January 20 inclusive, make an online or QR/NFC payment for AMD 1000 via Idram&IDBank application and get an electronic coupon for the lottery on your Idram account. 

December, 16 2020

The new opportunity of IDBank’s VISA cards

In case of doing a shopping for USD 2 on website or the application of the online-shop, you will get a discount coupon for USD 1.

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