November, 24 2020

Your personal advantages with VISA

When using GG, pay with any Visa Premium card of IDBank and get up to AMD 400 discount.

November, 4 2020

Together for the army: initiative of the employees of IDBank

From now on, each employee of IDBank decides how many thousands of drams to donate to “Insurance fund of the servicemen”.

November, 2 2020

#We_Work_For_Victory։ IDBank’s “Shengavit” branch opened

“Shengavit” branch also has IDBanking 24/7 service zone.

October, 27 2020

Important decisions on the important moment: IDBank offers a new accessible option for transfers from Russia to Armenia

IDBank together with “Universal payment technologies” (“UPT” LLC) announces the launch of IDpay initiative.

October, 21 2020

Transfers to IDBank clients already via phone number

From now on, when transferring money to IDBank clients via platform, there is no need to remember the account number of the recipient: transfer can be made by the phone number of the recipient.

October, 21 2020

IDBank prematurely finished the placement of bonds of the 2nd issue of 2020

On 21st of October of this year the Bank prematurely finished the placement of bonds of 2nd issue of 2020.

October, 5 2020

Strong together: IDBank and Idram have donated AMD 100 million to “Hayastan” All-Armenian Fund

IDBank and Idram have joined the nationwide fundraiser “We are our borders; All for Artsakh” and have donated AMD 100 million to “Hayastan” All-Armenian Fund.

October, 2 2020

We Are Our Borders; All for Artsakh

You can donate directly to the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund by tapping the “We will win” button on the homepage of Idram application.

September, 25 2020

State Support Housing Assistance Programs for Families with Children

IDBank has joined the state funded housing assistance programs for families with children.

September, 17 2020

Moody’s has upgraded the rating of IDBank: outlook changed to stable

Moody’s international rating agency has upgraded IDBank’s long-term foreign and local currency deposit ratings to B2 from B3; outlook changed to stable.

September, 3 2020

Be closer to those who are far away: interbank direct transfers between IDBank and Fora-Bank

IDBank and Fora-Bank announce cooperation. From now on, it is possible to make instant transfers via Idram application, platform and FORA-BANK application between the cards and accounts of the two banks from Russia to Armenia and vice versa, without visiting bank branches.

August, 28 2020

IDBank wins the absurd "USD 22 million" case

The appeal of the director of “B.M.L. Arzni” LTD and the bankruptcy manager of the same LTD against the decision of 12.03.20 of the Court of Appeal of RA on the case “B.M.L. Arzni Company against Anelik Bank” was dismissed.

August, 27 2020

IDBank is carrying out the 2nd issue of USD bonds of 2020

Considering the significant demand for the issued bonds, on August 27 of this year, IDBank has issued a new USD tranche.

August, 6 2020

The work in IDBank is well under way during the pandemic

Sona Manucharyan, the head of HR department of IDBank speaks about arrangement of work in the new reality.

August, 3 2020

IDBank prematurely finished the placement of jubilee tranche of bonds

The total volume of the 10th issue was USD 5 million, the annual coupon interest rate is 4.75%, the coupons are to be paid quarterly and the maturity is 27 months.

July, 21 2020

IDBank is issuing its 10th jubilee tranche of bonds

On 22nd of July, IDBank will issue bonds at the volume of USD 5 million.

July, 10 2020

A number of new privileges on the joint platform of IDBank and Idram

IDBank and Idram continue the development process of Banking department of their joint digital platform and application․

July, 3 2020

IDBank’s new offer to the Business

IDBank offers to move your business to online platform to use the new privileges of Internet-acquiring

June, 26 2020

IDBank joins “The power of 1 dram” initiative

From now on, IDBank is the strategic partner of the initiative of Idram Company, “The power of 1 dram”.

June, 24 2020

The court has satisfied the lawsuit of IDBank against “B.M.L. Arzni” company by invalidating the problematic agreement

The court has satisfied the lawsuit of IDBank (previously Anelik Bank).

June, 5 2020

Debit cards of IDBank can be already ordered also by Idram

Now order IDBank's Visa Gold, Visa Signature, Visa Infinite debit cards without wasting time in any currency and with a free delivery.

June, 4 2020

IDBank and “Armleasing” will cooperate

IDBank and “Armenian Leasing Company” have signed a cooperation agreement.

June, 3 2020

IDBank encourages its customers to visit the Bank only in case of extreme necessity

We strongly encourage and ask you to make use of IDBank's complete remote toolset.

May, 27 2020

IDBank reduced interest rates on Student loans in the framework of the state-financed special program

As of May 1, 2020, if you are still a student and you have got a student loan at IDBank, then the annual loan interest rate will be reduced for you.

May, 22 2020

"Energy" loan - from IDBank to SME’s

IDBank will help to increase energy efficiency and expand the use of alternative energy.

May, 18 2020

Order IDBank cards online and get a free delivery

IDBank, from now on, will provide a free delivery of cards in Yerevan.

April, 30 2020

IDBank offers a complete set of remote services

April, 28 2020

IDBank: Retirees will receive their cards free of charge

Pensioners no longer have to visit the Bank to receive their pension cards.

April, 23 2020

The limit of contactless payments without the need for entering PIN code via IDBank’s Visa cards is already 20.000

The limit for making a payment without entering the PIN code for newly issued cards is 20,000 AMD.

April, 15 2020

Free delivery with the new campaign of IDBank, Visa and

Order through, pay through IDBank’s Visa card and the amount for the delivery will appear on your account.

April, 10 2020

Online Rocket Loan, with the speed of a rocket, from IDBank

#stayhome, and if you need money, take advantage of the instant “Rocket” loan straight from Idram app.

March, 31 2020

Stay home, make non-contact payments and transfers. The joint digital platform of IDBank and Idram is already a reality

Stay home, make non-contact payments and transfers․

March, 13 2020

Protection of public health depends on each of us today

Protection of public health depends on each of us today.

March, 13 2020

Customers can get their money transfers without visiting the Bank

In IDBank, fast money transfers can now be received easier and quicker, directly from platform.

March, 13 2020

The court upheld IDBank's appeal

The Court of Appeal, presided by Judge Harutyun Yenokyan, published the decision made as the result of the examination of the appeal filed by IDBank against the decision of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan.

March, 13 2020

IDBank suggests to make non-cash payments

We recommend to make use of all the remote service opportunities that IDBank has created for you.

March, 6 2020

Mher Abrahamyan: Court of Appeal has scheduled another hearing

Interview with Mher Abrahamyan, Chairman of the Management Board of IDBAnk.

March, 3 2020

IDBank cards can now be activated through an ATM

Customers also have the opportunity to create a PIN code.

February, 21 2020

IDBank is the first to present Visa Signature premium class card in Armenia

On February 6, with the opening of its new branch, IDBank started a new Banking culture. The same day the Visa Signature card was presented.

February, 7 2020

Welcome to new banking culture

IDBank has opened its flagman branch, which is a unique one in its type in the whole region.

February, 3 2020

“Build your career with IDBank”, 3rd stage

IDBank announced the launch of the 3rd stage of the program “Build your career with IDBank”.

February, 1 2020

IDBank successfully placed the 2nd tranche dollar bonds issued in 2019

IDBank successfully placed the 2nd tranche dollar bonds․

January, 31 2020

IDBank goes live with SWIFT gpi

IDBank is one of the first Armenian banks to go live with SWIFT global payment innovation (gpi) service.

January, 22 2020

Instead of “Tigran Mets” branch will operate new “Kentron” branch at Northern Ave. 6

Instead of “Tigran Mets” branch will operate new “Kentron” branch at Northern Ave. 6․

December, 30 2019

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

December, 30 2019

IDBank- Santa for little children of Chinari

In the framework of its traditional initiative “Make a Dream come true”, this year also, IDBank fulfilled New Year's wishes of children in the village of Chinari, Tavush region.

December, 23 2019

ITF Taekwondo national team of Armenia brings 7 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals from Stavropol

ITF Taekwondo National Team of Armenia under the sponsorship of IDBank participated in the Open Taekwondo Cup in Stavropol, Russia and brought 7 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals to Armenia.

December, 6 2019

IDBank helps provide school supplies and clothing to 100 children in Vardenis and Tchambarak areas

Decent clothing and school supplies of urgent necessity to 100 school students living in Vardenis and Tchambarak areas.

December, 3 2019

IDBank summed up the benevolent initiatives in Gyumri

IDBank’s representatives were in Gyumri to sum up the benevolent initiatives in the cultural capital.

November, 25 2019

IDBank’s 9th time issued bonds were listed on the stock exchange

IDBank’s 3rd issue of bonds of 2019 was listed on the “Armenian Securities Exchange’’ (AMX) being included in the secondary list of bonds (Bbond) and circulated under the abbreviation ANLBB9.

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